August 18, 2011


Thanks for looking in.

This blog is living sporadically for the time being as most of my activities - haiku - now is published on my bilingual blog 2 tongues / 2 tunger - haiku in Danish and English.

This is a logical step as I usually write my haiku in both languages and because I hope some of the evolutions and experiments - the sheer exploration of what haiku is that has been going on mostly in the US and UK - can rub off on MY Danish haiku. I am not that presumptuous as to think (or even hope) that it will have any influence on the way haiku is written in Denmark in general. (It isn't much but it is out there).

Furthermore, haiku is now the most widespread poetry form in the world and in almost every country haiku is written according to the conditions and cultures where the haijin live. Thus haiku should be as availble as possible for people arund the globe so we all can get a sense of what exactly makes Danish haiku Danish, Romanian haiku Romanian etc.

For an international taste of haiku visit World Haiku Association and the two beautiful multilinguistic sites: Lishanu and Ardea