The Bell and the Stains

The Bell and the Stains

(on H. C. Andersen's birthday)

H. C. A.'s birthday
I wear two layers
of the emperor's clothes

unrequited love
stains and notches
in the diary*

delayed spring
I scout the waiting room
for the ugly duckling

failing at ballet
fearing the sky
as well as the ground?

subway station
a wino tries to sell me
used matches

9 meters of rope
a limp tin soldier climbs
the social ladder?

eyes as big as tea cups
the old Major attends
the gay parade

pest infected city
I'd clown around a bit
for a countess's invitation

who's not afraid of dying?
the bell sounds
from within the coffin

faeces diary
will Mrs. Heiberg
ever understand?


In H. C. Andersen's diary he made a small notch, a small mark, in the margin each time he had had a good masturbation

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