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This page contains unedited (except for typos) haiku from my "smart"phone written in various circumstances. Some might have been posted on this blog or elsewhere.

phone-ku June -12                                                                                   


another full moon
these plastic floorboards
won't creak

full moon again
i grow a deaf ear
to preachers

full moon
          (and someone raves 'bout god again)
a smell of camphor rises
from my shoulders

visiting moonlight
my single bed is now
a desert


a sudden lightness
I leap a wall caging
the mud tigers
               (it's raining, you know)


summer returned
i dance with
The Man in the Green Shirt

(opening number of Weather Repor's Tale Spinnin')


humming hard drive
between two cigarettes
i kill a spider


faint moonlight
after losing face
I grow another
(it looks like the old one)

watching a Japanese movie abt a man loosing his job and hus fight w shame + his inability (cultural?) to speak w his family about it ... very repressed feeling


aphids I refrain from greeting everyone personally


I learned "exeunt" today
a bluebottle finally


late night cigarette
her snoring just mocks
my insomnia


sultry night
a couple of insects on
the Friday killings

(seems that "movie night" on weekends is mainly Hollywood's 10.000 ways of killing and mayhem ...)

Sent from my iPhone

phone-ku May -12                                        


another smoke 'neath the waxing moon sleepless

waxing moon even in ordinary silence I'm not Japanese


for every entrance
a woven exit - spring herrings
pray for us


first light -
what is blackbirdish for
"hey! I'm trying to sleep here!"


on the windy side
of the whirl wind man
a green gnome with lead feet

på den blæsende side
af den hvirvelvindmanden
en grøn dværg med blyfødder


died down to silence
the North wind sleeps
in my single bed

aftaget til stilhed
sover nordenvinden
i min enmandsseng


"my ears are full" I yell
manics and zephyrs look at fish
by the neighbour's pond


midnight rain -
a green insect
            (dunno what it's called)
expires in my tea

midnight gale
            (no, not nightingale)
I brush off dreams about mice
where the cat slept


reflecting nothingness
(ay man, not another sermon!)
a mirror hums
in a starless night


these purple flowers
unknown to me as so much is
                 (Bert, Ralph, Ingrid?)
still wave as the train passes


home again
the scents of lilacs and my sweat


following the light blindly ...
had I too nothing
but a moth's instinct


time for aphids -
a few of them dies on
iso upanishad

sickle moon
some 10 - 15 aphids rest
on iso upanishad


tapping my feet
i ride through yellow fields
wth a nubian dancer

(train ride listening to Weather Report)

Sent from my iPhone

phone-ku April -12                    


someone on tv claims
to be an extra terrestial -
I choose a green apple


waxing moon
one car passes through town
and that's it


Palm Sunday -
the folks downstairs cook
something with garlic


Palm Sunday -
my dad texts me
that mum's o.k.


full moon I prefer the hole in the dark story


ah, the first butterfly!
somewhere in the sea fog
a sewer spills over


oh, 1st butterfy!
in this intangible recession
it's o.k I guess


arrested spring (I think)
the flying sutra makes me hop
like a frog

nodding at The Blue One
a door opens and not
in a dusty cupboard

hurling dogs around
a point of origen is colored
slightly pink

this party stinks
wearing hard edged glasses
they hide the boys


still awake at dawn
an undreamed dream yearns
for my lukewarm coffee

still awake at dawn
an undreamed dream yearns
for my lukewarm coffee -
"you can have a fresh cup" I say
it yawns and dreams me up


past midnght -
a piano-droid goes wild
at the dating dance

23/4 he

real cherry blossoms!
a tycoon leaves his wealth
to crows

as vice becomes virtue
mourners attend
a tycoons wake


of all the desolate villages
this one with the trampoline
ascends to heaven

af alle de forladte landsbyer
denne her med trampolinen
stiger til himmels


grateful for a body of dust
in a world of winds
and rains

taknemmelig for en krop af støv
i en verden af vind
og regn


Sent from my iPhone

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