January 20, 2013

Blue Sun

This sequence was published in Taj Mahal Review VOL. 11 NUMBER 2 DEC 2012

Blue Sun - a haiku sequence

a blue sun
everything starts with

tumbling through a crazed waltz
I carry
a blessed gun

what spring?
with every infanticide
“God is Great”

this tilted Earth …
in the shadows
I merge with a dog

round the pineal gland
the scarab that feeds

drenched in photons
a chronobiologist pronounces
“rodent” as “ro-dent”

there is no piper
at the gates of November
and I cough

in the eternal city
we build a tower
of biscuits

a woman stoned for nothing
three monkeys ask
for oil

October moon
my hand rests on the metal
in her thigh

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