March 23, 2013

NaHaiWriMo posts from January 2013

post xmas fridge
a green popsicle
screams to the void

10 minutes more daylight sleeps on the stairs

winter fog
and one step

I cross my
fingers in boredom
and winter fog

again this year the window full of winter fog

a flute
in the thicket
the loved one

in her

beneath an orange sun
an ochre ogre plays
Johnson's blues

patching up
old wellies
this fog
has no end

finding my sandals on top the tv I contemplate moving

a candle before Vishnu fog rolls in in waves

this damp winter
sounds seem to have gone
under ground

sweeping the stairs (and maybe the stars) I let a wind go

tea with Patanjali -
the Patriarch bends to pry
a sutra from his shoe

walking with Patanjali
the Patriarch admits jealousy
towards his pet clouds

hot dog stand -
Patanjali tells the Patriarch
the sutra for sweetening ketchup

neti, neti -
Patanjali shows the Patriarch
the non-being of a hot-dog

lamb chops my head back on my neck

small talk with a flamingo
there aren't any chairs left
in the crying-room

steak and potatoes clouds settle as mountains

sombre reptiles along the tracks to Amygdala

at a turn in the bowel a protein and sugar house

it's one of those days
Gale rearranges
the garden

in a white world
I brush water-fluff
off the firewood

bricking up the gates of Heaven
we build
with first thrown stone

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