July 15, 2013

Slime Monday

a hatful
of head

discussing the significance of skid-marks in a self-proclaimed prophet's underwear theorists reach a point where for a king to be a certain and named king who died in a joust for him to be that king which is supposed to be the one mentioned in a certain prophesy he must have been someone else if we don't take into account that just by putting this vision onto a page and publishing it thus making it spread to thousand of living vibrating minds in itself will influence the future in such a way that the king wasn't king or even a human being but an apple with two cores ...


I zap on to another programme where a man back in the 1970's win 64.000 kroner by answering a question about rare stamps

I draw
the card
of the Fool

           slime Monday
          (not mentioned in the calendar)
           a lead snail sucks up
           the blue
           of the sky

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