November 15, 2013

the parcel

"What's in it?"
"What's in what?"
"WHAT is in it?"
"You're repeating yourself. I haven't got the faintest idea of what you're talking about."
"What is in that box there?" he said and pointed to a small parcel lying by the window.
"I don't know. I haven't seen it before."
He walked over to the window and looked at it curiously and a bit distrusting. He bowed down to study it. The parcel did nothing.
"Go on then. Take a look."
"HA! Funny man, eh?"
I knew very well he couldn't touch it, couldn't examine it. As a rather fleeting and etherial being he couldn't interact with that world which is physical to me, to us.

the-whole-in-the water test
an uncaring moon

"You open it and show me what it is".
"Why? I'm busy doing other things and besides if it was important I'm sure whoever put it there would have said something".
"Busy!? That'll be a first. Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes isn't exactly "busy"". Come on, pleeeease".
"I'm reading a book too" I said licking my thumb and forefinger to turn over a page demonstratively loud. He wouldn't be able to.
"Pf" he said and raised his head. He stood with his hands behind his back, swaying back and forth on his feet and began to whistle "Le Marseillaise" very loud.
I said nothing. I rather - and not very kindly - enjoyed his frustrated state. He was getting more and more tense but that's how it is when you really really want something you can't get anyway near and it's just under your nose.

under the cloud of unknowing I don't open my umbrella

"If you don't behave I'll turn out the light and then you what will happen"
"Wanker" he said but he knew that would mean he'd just merge with the other shadows.

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