May 14, 2014

blue and chewable

it might have been locked away or lost in a corner of time
one where no-one comes to clean
or dust
and spiders set up their web
in vain

that kind of forgottenness

generations of people may have passed it
in muddy shoes and with baggy pants
dresses mended with coarse thread
different well worn hats
talking about the price of bread
oil sugar and gold
or nothing

I'm talking about that “self” doll
we won at the fair by shooting
mechanical bears

it was purple and fluffy
though you say you remember it
as blue and chewable

on long Sundays
we would use it to keep
the sky in its place
the dogs at bay
the ladybirds lively and hungry
the coffee warm
the pavement welcoming
our neighbours at an arm's length
or we would merge ours with theirs
a make a homunculus
absorbing our dreams

and bellies

purple and fluffy
blue and chewable
and constantly excreting balloons
and the stuff
mountains are made from

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