June 02, 2013

Black and White Cat - haibun

I must be scary.

Returning from the super I set one foot (the right, I think) on the first step of the stairs to my flat, and a black and white cat gets utterly surprised and jumps straight out into the air barely avoiding a parked car (not mine, I don't have a car, it's the folks' downstairs) one story down and scurries off through the grass (standing very tall in that untended corner of the property which I could use for a vegetable garden if only the owner once and for all would see to that the weeds are removed and the soil planned I would tend the plot if only he'd see to those basic things but he won't I don't have the money for the tools needed I made him the offer when I moved here but he apparently doesn't think it's worthwhile he has been trying to sell it off since then but you can't really use plots of that size located in an odd place in the village for anything it's quite elongated and not very wide and a lot of lilac trees would be hidden if someone built a house there) and through the hedgerows (lilacs, you know).

day of silence
I put bits of potato
in the tobacco pouch

Why the cat was up there? I keep a bowl with dry cat food up there. It's a habit from the years when the couple downstairs (not the ones living there now they're different the former residents) had 7 cats at one time. Most of them were rather cuddly and sociable so I kept my front door open most of the summer so they could enter if they so wished) lived there. This black and white cat must have been hungry. The other wild cats now eating my food hears my steps in the gravel and runs down the stairs before I reach it. But not this one.

Kenyan coffee
the beginning of all things
could be alive

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