June 04, 2013

Cheese Burger - haibun

homecoming swifts
you see! air-tunnels
do exist

There's a first time for everything. I guess the saying goes for ”things” in a human life. On a grander scale … I couldn't say. But for the first time in my life stretching for over half a century under the influence of American culture I buy a cheese-burger. I buy a cheese-burger and eat it. Some things happens just once in a lifetime. Like me buying and eating a cheese-burger.

still to the South a star I can't name

Ideally I'm a vegetarian but I get too air-headed if I don't once in a while devour some (supposed) muscles of an animal. Given the nature of modern food industry, I can't really be sure whether the meat hidden between the two halves of assumed bread really is bovine. All winter and spring a gigantic scam has rolled across Europe exposing horse meat in what was sold as cow. Well, if you buy cheap, you get mostly imitations of the real thing, and the real thing is really expensive these days.

for what it's worth we date in Plato's cave

Home again I make an Ayurvedic herbal cleansing drink.

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