May 03, 2013


It's not like it matters, that there moonshine. Though it sorta fits cinematically in with my insomnia and my sense of loneliness, it's still a stage requisite. I forget it as easily as rain or past constipations rolling another cigarette. What is more immanent is the fact that I'm nearly out of my fave rolling paper and I have to go away for a few days. I usually order a special kind of paper from a web-shop. It's a non-bleached and very thin paper, but if I order it before I take off, the package will arrive while I'm away and go back to the shop. Better to wait till I get back. I have half a box of some paper I bought by mistake. It's a bit thicker and chlorinated and the smokes taste less of the good tobacco and more of paper (hand-rollers will know what I mean) when I use that. Two things one shouldn't play with: the tobacco you're used to and the paper and the coffee brand ... three things. On the telly some aliens are hired to pick out hopeful youngsters to play pop stars. I switch to a program about canons in WWII. Maybe that will tire my brain enough.

"Chock Insecticide
with flower scent" - at least
it's a fragrant death